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It’s not about changing who you are; it’s about becoming who you are”

Ann Turner

The Natural Gift of Speaking to Angels – did you know that we all have the answers we seek right within us?

My only wish for you in having an Angel Reading with me is that you experience peace, find the joy in your life, and learn to listen to your inner guidance system. Angels are non-denominational beings of light who sit at the right hand of God. They bring us messages of unconditional love, and they are here to help us with all the challenges we face on earth in these times of change. I wish to reconnect you with your Intuition, an inborn guidance system – Heaven’s GPS if you will – so that the turmoil of life is no longer a burden to you.


I believe in the utmost ethical and confidential treatment of my clients, I am not here to judge you, or disclose any private information to anyone. I want to create a feeling of trust, safety and openness, through which all things are possible, where you can have help to change your life for the better!!

"Having an angel reading by Ann was a wonderful, healing, uplifting experience. We were visited by the spirits of both my daughter and grandmother. I felt a great weight lift as I was informed that they were both doing wonderfully well, and wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. I could let the pain of their loss, and fears of them being angry with me, go. I also learned what direction my angels wanted my life to go in and how I could work to achieve my goals. Ann is a very loving caring spiritual individual and will help you to see what it is your angels need to tell you. "

Alissa Van Egdom
Abbotsford, B.C.
June 2009.

Where does Intuition come from?

What is it? In this modern life, we have all been conditioned to believe in things we can see, taste, touch, hear and smell. In other words, the material world. But what about our feelings? Mothers have a sense of knowing about their children. Pet and animal owners have that animal “sixth sense” when something is wrong. There’s nothing scary about that, but somehow listening to our inner Guidance system has taken on a “spooky” quality, when man used to survive on instinct alone not long ago! Fishermen know where to look for fish, the hunters used to know where the best game was to feed their families for the winter. This Consciousness has been around since the dawn of time, and was a key to our daily survival!! I believe that our Higher Good – call it God, the Universe, Great Spirit, Creator, Father, Divinity, etc., speaks to us through our feelings. Your “gut instinct” is usually right, and it is an inborn guidance system that many of us ignore in this day and age.

How Can an Angel Reading help you?

For those who have never been taught as children to access and work with your intuition, the rapidly changing world of modern life can seem intimidating, confusing and overwhelming. We learn our lessons here through struggle, but the choice between struggle and suffering lies with you! My angel readings can help reconnect you with the powers of a higher consciousness to help realign you with Joy, Leadership, Personal Growth, Financial Success, fight depression, heal trauma, give you Confidence, Empower you, Enlighten you, help you set Boundaries and find Spiritual Growth. After all – don’t you deserve to be “LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE?” I feel tremendously privileged and at the same time humbled, by the gifts I have received, and it brings me great joy to be an instrument of heavenly messages here on earth. The Angels have transformed my life, and I wish to be able to share that experience with you, to lead you back to Joy, so you can move onward and upward with your life, as the Angels and of course our Heavenly Father, want you to do!


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