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About me!

“While the world sleeps, the Angels are watching”.

Ann Turner

I have a life that is touched by AngeIs!! I was born in Jamaica on a farm, and as a little girl, I could see Angels and fairies everywhere. They floated around my bed at night, and I felt safe, cared for and deeply loved! As time passed, and I grew up, the world took over, and I lost the ability to see them, but I still felt their presence, and asked them for help on a regular basis. I stopped talking about this connection, as I found people made fun of me.

An armed home invasion in Jamaica in 1983 brought about an extraordinary experience with Archangel Michael. I was terrified, as 6 gunmen armed with assault rifles and handguns held us up in our home for 3 hours one night after we had friends over for a barbecue. Somehow I felt that we would be alright, and suddenly I heard my deceased father’s voice talking to me – I believe this was Michael, as he knew I would listen to that voice and not be afraid. The voice said; “find out what they want, and make them laugh”. My father’s philosophy had always been that laughter could dissolve even the most dire circumstance.

I listened to that voice, and all of a sudden, a feeling of extreme heat and peace came over me. I felt suddenly calm and assured that everything was going to be okay, and it was. I talked my way out of being killed, raped or kidnapped that night, as they threatened to do all three. Later, as we gave descriptions to the police, they were very surprised that we survived the attack, as that particular group up until then, had left no survivors, and had killed over 50 people to date. I felt the Angel’s protection and advice that night, it was as though I had someone guiding me in my head as to what to say and do so we could live through this, and I thank Archangel Michael, and my guardian angel – Artruria – deeply for saving my life!

Since then I reconnected with the angels, but never talked about it. In past lives I suffered religious persecution for my beliefs, and so the fear stayed on, until recently, I decided to give angel readings, and I discovered that I really love to be able to help people with life’s challenges. We all have “skeletons in our closet” they are just different.

I am not judgemental about the people I read for, I come from a place of unconditional love, and I pass on that message from the Angels, as well as words about peace, acceptance, gratitude and heavenly guidance. They want us to call on them to help, as Angels need your permission to help you because of free will. In these times of trouble, I want to help everyone find peace, and Divine Guidance from the Angels is a really good way to do that!!

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