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Many of us have the answers to life’s problems right within us, it’s called “intuition” but somehow we have become disconnected from our “gut instincts”. God – or whatever you want to call it – speaks to us through our feelings, if we would only listen. Angels are Divine beings of light, and they sit at the right hand of the father. They are non-denominational and they come from a place of Unconditional Love. They cannot intervene in your life without permission according to free will; the only exception is in the event of an untimely death, when your guardian angel will save your life as it’s not your time yet. We are all assigned Guardian Angels for our lifetime, and we can call upon them at any time for help with anything – nothing is too big or too small for an Angel to handle.

Through time, meditation and openness, people like me can become a channel for information and help from the Angelic realm. They are the highest vibration, as they sit on the right hand of God, and only messages of love and support come from them. Messages from the Angels are always protected from negative energy by their divine love, and only good spirits can visit – deceased loved ones usually – who have specific messages for the person who is receiving the reading. The Angels allow messages to come through to help people with confusion and to solve unfinished business with loved ones left behind. Usually they want their families to know they are alright!!

Connecting with the Angels is easiest in nature, away from the confusion of cell phones and electrical distortion. We only have to listen, and their messages can be heard, in the words of songs, in numbers that keep reoccurring in your life, and by the feeling that your nose is itchy as though someone is tickling you with a feather. Finding feathers is another way Angels let us know they are around!

Angelic Helpers – they have jobs too!!


whose name means “lioness of God”. She helps us provide for our physical needs – money, housing etc., Ariel also helps with environmental issues and the care of animals.


whose name means “who God helps”. He brings departed souls to heaven, and helps them cross over. He also helps the grieving ones left behind – he is known as the “Angel of Death” but his work includes much comforting also.


whose name means “he who sees God”. He eases anxiety, works on Global and personal peace, and helps locate lost objects, people and situations.


whose name means “messenger of God”. She helps messengers like writers, teachers, musicians etc., get their messages across and the creative juices flowing. She helps with adoption, child rearing and conception, and is often seen with a copper trumpet.


whose name means “Glory of God”. She helps women with the monthly cycles, assists with clairvoyance. She is associated with the planet Venus and the Moon. She is a nature angel, and a motherly influence.


whose name means “Mercy of God”. He helps us with dealing with emotions, life reviews and plans for positive changes in our lives. This angel is believed to help with prophetic visions.


whose name means “Beauty of God”. She heals negativity and chaos, and brings beauty and organization to our homes, minds and work places. She helps to lift negativity from these areas.


who was the Prophet Enoch. He ascended into heaven and was given the denomination of Angel for living such a good life. He helps with learning disorders, and assists with the new Indigo and Crystal children. It is said he watches over children in heaven and on earth.


whose name means “he who is like God”. Considered the most powerful of the Archangels, Michael is the great protector; with his Sword of Light he conquers fear. He is the patron saint of police officers and soldiers, and he is good at clearing negative energy away from you. He is also a great healer.


whose name means “friend of God”. He is the angel of friendships and relationships, and he brings harmony to all. He helps to heal misunderstandings.


whose name means “he who heals”. He is a healer, and he guides those in the healing arts.


whose name means “secrets of God”. He helps us with past life memories, dream interpretations and helps remove spiritual and psychic blocks. Raziel is full of Divine Wisdom, and he will help you to understand the secrets of the Universe.


he was the prophet Elijah. He serves to help us become less aggressive, and he carries our prayers to the Creator. Sandalphon helps musicians, especially those who use music in the healing arts. He is considered the twin brother of Metataron, as they are the only two Archangels who had human beginnings.


whose name means “God is Light”. He is an angel of wisdom and philosophy. He lights up our minds with his insights and wisdom. If you need new ideas and wisdom, he is the one to ask for help.


whose name means “ righteousness of God”. He releases lower energies from you, and helps with mental issues, memory and brain functions.


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