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What is Angel Reading?

The Divine Connection

Over the years, I have lived through many situations in life that sent me into depression, anxiety and unhappiness. These feelings led me to explore that “inner voice” as I searched for answers to heal my life. I read many books, and reconnected with my angels through meditation, where they came to me in my mind’s eye to give me peace and comfort. I also hear their voices as information is being “down loaded”. I get bodily sensations – “the tinglies” when something is verified for someone else, this is validation.

I use Archangel Cards to do the readings, as they always guide which cards will be drawn for different people. There is significance to the numbers of cards, the order they are drawn in, and the pattern I am guided to line them up in. The numbers are another way in which Angels are in communication with us, and they carry messages, and I refer to my Angel Number book to relay these messages.

When I do readings, I am guided moment by moment as to what to say, as well as the messages that come from the Angel cards. I use several different decks, and they can be different for each client. Sometimes the Angels allow deceased relatives or friends to enter our sessions with specific messages for that person receiving the reading, usually to end a conflict or reassurance for the relatives left behind on earth.

What To Expect:

We will begin by doing a grounding exercise and a blessing to clear the path for opening up the channels with the Angelic realm. I will do a general reading first, and then I will ask you if you have questions about specific things. It’s a good idea to write down your questions before your reading, so you don’t forget what you want to ask about! The cards will be reshuffled each time, and the new intention is set. Some people need to have past life issues dealt with, others want to meet their Guardian Angel, and there are meditations we can do for all the issues you may need to clear – I am guided as to what to say and do when I connect with you either in person, or over the phone.

Who are the Angels?

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