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As with everything, we all have areas that are our favourites, places where we feel comfortable, here are some of mine:

People who have been sexually abused:

As a survivor or childhood sexual abuse, I have experienced all the emotions that go along with this – loss of trust, loss of confidence, fear etc., Be it man or woman, no one can understand unless it has happened to you. With the Angel’s help and the love of my beloved horses, I have survived, I am strong and I have learned to forgive. Join me!


People in transition, and Immigrants:

I have moved across this country more than once, I have moved between here and Jamaica more than once – so I know about transitions! Every time you do that you leave family, friends, your kids have to make new friends, find new schools, and it uproots everything in your life. I have learned a lot of life lessons with all of this, and it has made me resilient and able to adapt to changes more easily. Be it a transition from one job to another, one place to another or one relationship to another, change makes most people nervous, as we are afraid of the unknown. Ask your angels for help with that too!

People who are grieving the loss of a loved one:

I lost my father suddenly when I was 23, and it took years for me to assimilate that loss. I went into depression regularly around the time of his death every year, and now I can know he is near anytime I want to talk to him. The Angels have opened up the doors of communication with those who have passed over, and they protect me from any unwanted energy, so I feel safe.

People Suffering from Depression:

I have suffered from depression at different times in my life, and I never had it diagnosed or clinically treated, my spirituality belief system, and my angels and horses saved me! I learned to think my way out of it by learning to love myself more, as most of depression is caused by some kind of disconnection in my opinion. On an energetic level, nothing will change until the energy changes, and so if I can beat this without drugs – there has got to be powerful medicine in learning to control your own mind!

People suffering from Stress:

Who isn’t these days? A lot of our stress comes from living in fear and lack of understanding of the Universal laws that govern everything. The Angels keep sending the same messages over and over to me “follow your Joy, and everything else will fall into place”. This is based on the Law of Attraction – we attract the same frequency as we give out, so spending time focusing on negativity is only drawing it closer to us! The Law of Attraction does not discriminate between good and bad, it only brings you what you focus on the most, and what your emotions are attached to. The Angels can help with changing your focus, and realigning your life with your greatest Good.

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