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written by Pamela Shelly

I want to share a true heartwarming story that happened Kelowna, B.C. On October 1st, 2004 I received a phone message from a lady I know and she said it was important that I return her call as there had been an 'Angel' experience here in Kelowna. When I talked to her she told me that a singer named Kiki, had been singing the past few Friday evenings at the Java Express coffee house. On the previous Friday evening as the singer was finishing a song about Angels, Marion looked up at the ceiling and saw several beautiful Angel wings coming off the track lighting. She showed the owners and they saw them as well, never having noticed them prior to this evening. The next morning Suzanne the owner arrived at the shop to see a white Angel had formed on the front window!

I was asked to come to the shop to help answer some questions and be the resident "Angel expert" as Shaw cable was possibly coming to do a story. I was in awe when I saw how beautiful the Angel looked. After being asked if I could tell the owner who the Angel was, I immediately got the message it is “Archangel Gabriel”. As we were leaving the shop my girlfriend Annie took a couple of pictures with her digital camera and I looked down at my feet below the Angel and picked up a white feather. Angels appear in many ways to us and white feathers are one of the most common ways they let us know they are with us. I took the feather into the shop and explained this to Suzanne and I put the feather in a potted plant near the front entrance. Shaw had declined to come and do the story that evening but I was fortunate enough to get to see the beautiful Angel wings that Marion had mentioned all over the ceiling. Suzanne showed me the goosebumps up and down her arms when I was with her sharing about the Angels with her.

On Sunday I had already had a speaking engagement booked at Chapters about Angels, Archangels, etc., and this was the beginning of sharing the story. Yesterday I went back to Java Express and talked once again to the owners Suzanne and Ed. She said she was guided to pray a lot more over the past 2½ months as they were close to losing their business which they had just opened up in January of this year. She emotionally told me “If we don’t have a miracle this month we are bankrupt”. “We will lose everything, we have already sold our house to try and stay in business and I don’t know if we will have any Christmas for our kids this year”. I told her I had been strongly guided to get the story out and that I would like to take more pictures of the Angel. She once again showed me the goosebumps that appeared when she came close to me and I also had many physical sensations that let me know the angels were all around us. As I went outside once again I looked down at my feet and picked up another beautiful white feather just below the Angel! I took it inside and put it in the potted plant and noticed there was a third feather there now. Suzanne said when she opened the door to the store that morning there was one on the doormat. Ed her husband said he can’t understand how they are there as he power washes the whole sidewalk area each morning and the feathers weren’t there. I told him Angels are not logical and it's ok! I shared that the Angels are there to help comfort them and bring them hope. Many spiritual people have shown up at the store since Suzanne started praying for a miracle. I just received a phone call from Kiki and at some point she shared that Darryl had found a white feather below the Angel and I once again shared the significance.

On Sunday morning I had the message that we need to open up to the presence of Angels, they are all around us, guiding us and directing us toward our purpose and bring us love, joy and hope. I woke up with the following words from Archangel Gabriel………………

I come to you to open you up to peace,
To know that I am beside you,
It is time to rejoice, and put aside your fear,
Call upon me and I will appear

I bring you hope and light,
May you speak your truth
and then take flight
I bring you out of the darkness
To be one with the light

- Archangel Gabriel spoken through Pamela Shelly

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger that told Mary of the impending birth of Jesus. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of communication and also provides hope, guides you to your divine purpose and many other beautiful qualities.

Pamela Shelly

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