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Alissa Van Egdom

Having an angel reading by Ann was a wonderful, healing, uplifting experience. We were visited by the spirits of both my daughter and grandmother. I felt a great weight lift as I was informed that they were both doing wonderfully well, and wanted nothing more than for me to be happy. I could let the pain of their loss, and fears of them being angry with me, go. I also learned what direction my angels wanted my life to go in and how I could work to achieve my goals. Ann is a very loving caring spiritual individual and will help you to see what it is your angels need to tell you.

Alissa Van Egdom
Abbotsford, B.C.
June 2009.

How do you talk about a visit with Ann and the angels?

Mary Anne, Snohomish

I came into the angel reading with the practical reservations that one has after exposure to many different new age practices, and asked my simple question privately in my heart. Then sat back cherishing all my woman-of-the-world reservations…and was transported. The angels were so present, not that they were standing there in bed sheets with pipe cleaner halos, but that the information and the support and the sense of understanding and caring that Ann expressed for them was so directly specific to my situation and my needs.

In the days following the reading, following their suggestions, I’m simply asking for help and support and guidance more and more and finding little things—like car keys—and big things, like a really good new employee—are showing up without effort. Life feels filled with possibility and light, which is a very large change for me. Mistakes and problems that I’ve been chewing on myself about are showing up as discreet projects to solve, with practical solutions and real endings, not mortal sins. I feel encouraged, not like now I have to leap into overwhelming action, but that now it’s just easier to get done the little things that were mounting up to stop all action entirely.

The problems I’ve been trying to address felt like dark byways to travel alone, disempowered by my own self criticism. Now they’ve become things I am taking on in company of loving friends with a sense of humor, and the day to day living is just easier, and the ability to access my own rational mind, my own creative juices, my own sense of joy has really opened.

Thank you Ann!
Mary Anne, Snohomish
Washington USA
June 2009

April 30, 2013 and July 2013

"Incredible experience, Ann"

Thank you Ann! I had a incredible experience with the reading that you did for me. I really don't think that people really realized the power of the angels but I sure do. The sense of peace and knowing that I am taken care of is so... comforting. The knocking on the door and no one was there really surprised me. I could not believe it!

I looked at you with your beautiful smile and you said to me. “That’s ok Cindy the angels would like to come in.:   It blew me away. I have gone to readers in the past but I have never experienced anything like this.

To all of you that read this please contact Ann. It will be an experience that you will never forget!! 

Cindy Fergusson, Ladner, BC Canada.

December 19, 2012

"Stress Relief, Ann"

Any time I have a stressful event coming up with one of my horses I contact Ann for help.  Ive found that when she does her energy clearing and balancing work the outcomes are always more positive than they would have been.  Things always seem to go smoother.  When you are facing a stressful situation, like competition, or a medical procedure, often times your defenses are down, and sometimes you are even nervous or fearful.  Those emotions can invite negative energies into your field and your horses field, the environment in general.  Not to mention there ae always energies floating around, so when you are focused on fear or nerves , those energies are invited in.  This does not help anyone.  So when Ann does her work to remove the unwanted energies and in fact invite protective ones in, the entire outcome shifts and everything falls into balance.  I have found this process to be extremely helpful to me and my animals in times when we need support.  I would highly recommend her services.  The beauty of it is that energy is energy so she can help you remotely from where ever she is, to where ever you are!  Ann is a blessing indeed!

Jessica, BC Canada.

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